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Physical Education 10



The goal in this course is to develop appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable Grade 10 students to value, attain and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Throughout the course learners are expected to participate in physical activity, log their activities, and complete a series of learning tasks. The course has a number of booklets and students are expected to master the content in the booklets. Learners will also encounter other resources and links to content of which the learner should become familiar. All assignments are turned in by uploading computer files to the course or completing online assessments.

On the main PE 10 course page the learner will find, on the right hand side, small check boxes next to task titles.  As tasks are completed checks will appear in the boxes to indicate activity completion.


Course Layout:

There are 18 assignments in the PE10 course.  Additionally, students must log 100 hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Activity Logs are submitted weekly.


Course Learning Activities

(Percent of Learning Activities by Weight)

Course Completion

Milestones (3 Units)

Unit 1
Active Living

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Forum (3%)
  • Active Living Brochure (3%)
  • Warm-Up & Cool-Down (3%)
  • Fitness Components and Training Principles (3%)
  • Stress (3%)
  • Lifelong Activity Choice (3%)
  • Caring for Your Body (3%)
  • First Aid (3%)
  • Nutrition (3%)
  • Local Commuinty Programs (3%)

Unit 1 -- 30%

Unit 2

  • Self-Confidence Forum (3.7%)
  • Etiquette and Fair Play Task(3.7%)
  • Etiquette and Fair Play Quiz (3.7%)
  • Careers in Physical Activity (3.7%)
  • Cooperation (3.7%)
  • Leadership (3.7%)
  • Safety (3.7%)
  • Values (3.7%)

Unit 2 -- 30%

Physical Movement
80 Hours of Demonstrated Physical Activity
  • Activity Logs submitted weekly until 80 hours have been accumulated
  • Physcial activity must be moderate to vigorous
  • Must include at least 5 different types of physical activity

Activity Logs -- 40%

 This outline uses the a definition of Learning Activity linked here.


  • There are NO required textbooks for this course.
  • Use course booklets as a primary resource
  • Assignment feedback is a key learning resource



  • The demonstration of physical activity is required for course credit.
  • Reports cards and interims issued only cover completed work.
  • Assignments must be turned in one at a time to allow for feedback.
  • Students are expected to respond to feedback as instructional content.
  • Grade distribution
    • Unit 1 (Active Living) 30%
    • Unit 2 (Responsibilities) 30%
    • Activity Logs 40%


Curriculum may be viewed within the Ministry of Education Integrated Resource Package.

Delivery and Support:

This course can only be done online. Teacher and leaner work together in Moodle. The course is self-paced. Leaners may start any time.

Credits: 4


Students may use Moodle messages, email or the phone number provided in the course. Learners are encouraged to initiate communication. 

Technical Requirements:

Browser: Firefox or Chrome recommended
Internet: Cable or ADSL 

Additional Software: Adobe Reader, full Flash and Java support, an office suite, ability to play audio and video files
For additional information on computer requirements, please refer to the Computer Requirements and Standards section under Resources & Information on our home page, and to the contents of the Introductory Orientation Course.

For definitions of some terms please refer to our glossary.