Calculus 12


Delivery and Support:

  • Online Only. Teacher and student work together in Moodle. Self paced. Start at any time.
  • Each Unit has a series of lessons and a Send-In assignment.
  • Module exams are invigilated exams that are arranged with your test supervisor. For Information please refer to the NCDES Website/Resourses & Information/Exam Supervision Form  or the Introductory Course Email(Course teacher sent you).


  • Students/Teacher may use Email, Moodle Message or telephone. Feedback for marked assignments and exams is done in Moodle through the GradeBook section.


  • A graphing calculator is required. A Texas Instrument Ti 83/84, 83/84 Plus or newer model is recommended.
  • There is no required textbook for this course.
  • The ability to print and scan material.



  • Unit Assignments: 40%
  • Module Exams: 60%
  • Achievement is assessed as a measure of achievement relative to Ministry prescribed learning outcomes. These can be viewed by clicking the link.
  • Curriculum may be viewed within the Ministry of Education Integrated Resource Package.
Credits: 4

Technical Requirements:

Browser: Firefox or Chrome recommended
Internet: Cable or ADSL

Additional Software: Adobe Reader, full Flash and Java support, an office suite, ability to play audio and video files
For additional information on computer requirements, please refer to the Computer Requirements and Standards section under Resources & Information on our home page, and to the contents of the Introductory Orientation Course.


For definitions of some terms please refer to our glossary.