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File Formats

Have you ever tried to open a file and found that your computer can’t? This is often because the file is in more »

Educator Resource Links

Useful Resources: Khan Academy: High quality teaching for a wide range of abilities Google in Education: “Open technology to improve learning for more »


Mark J P via Compfight It’s that time of the year again, when we dress up and celebrate all that goes bump more »

Smarter Browsing

Your web browser might well be the single most important application you use and if anything, it is getting even more important more »

Bike to Work Week

Bike to Work Week (BtWW) is an annual initiative encouraging more people to commute to work by bicycle.  This year BtWW took more »

Is Somebody Singing

This is the video of our staff singing “Is Somebody Singing”, along with Commander Hadfield and thousands of Canadians across our country, more »

Clerical Tips

We have a  useful tip from our clerical staff this month. Forwarding of Transcripts and Report-Card Requests Requests for reports and transcripts more »