NCDES Newsletter March 2013

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Congratulations to the Winners of the NCDES Photo/Video Contest!

North Coast Distance Education School would like to thank everybody for their support of our first ever Photo/Video Contest. It has been a tremendous pleasure to witness the creative talents of our students and their families. We are proud to announce that prizes will be awarded to three winners, and prizes will be mailed next week. A big thank you goes out to those who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

The winners of this year’s contest are (in no particular order):

The Bank Robber, by Jaren

Jaren is a Grade 4 student in Mrs. Smith’s Class who enjoys Lego and loves making videos. 

How has Distance Education Changed my Life? by Sarah

Sarah is a Grade 10 student who lives on the east coast of The Queen Charlotte Islands. She enjoys cooking, archery, and her dogs.

Life on McInnes Island, by Jacob

Jacob is a Grade 10 student who lives in a light house on McInnes Island. The island is located 40km west of Bella Bella. He enjoys reading about discoveries in science and likes to create his own video games.

Spotlight on Cabinet Minister Honourable Rich Coleman

This instalment of the NCDES spotlight features the Deputy Premier and Cabinet Minister Honourable Rich Coleman. Minister Coleman shares his thoughts on education, industry and fishing in the Northwest.

Software Choices

One of the biggest barriers to getting the most out of your computer is not having the right software. Sometimes software is expensive and you can’t always be certain that it will do what you need. The good news is that there are many free alternatives to mainstream products. Here is a list of a few examples:

Function Free Software Common Software
Web Browser Firefox, Chrome Internet Explorer
Office Suite LibreOffice, OpenOffice Microsoft Office
Photo Editing GIMP, Photoshop
Email Thunderbird Outlook
3D Animation Blender Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D
Anti-Virus AVG, Avast!, MS Security Essentials Norton Antivirus

You can find lots more at Many of these pieces of software are Free/Open Source. For most software this means it is developed by volunteers, and is usually both high quality and secure, but sometimes it will be more difficult to learn to use and support can sometimes be hard to get.



Clerical Tips

contact imageHot tips from NCDES Clerical:

Our clerical team reminds students to use the same email address when registering or re-registering in courses.  Using a different email address causes confusion and can lead to lost time and grades. If for some reason you cannot recall your login information, please call our clerical team at 1-800-663-3865 or email   Thank you!

Spring Break

Please note that teachers will be away from their desks from March 18th – April 1st inclusive. During this time, our NCDES clerical staff will continue to be available and the office will remain open. We encourage students to continue working, if they wish, and teachers will be back in the office on April 2nd.

Enjoy the break!


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Taking a Stand Against Bullying is Year-Round

Anti-Bullying Day (a.k.a. Pink Shirt Day) was on Feb. 27, but as we all know, taking a stand against bullying should be a year-round commitment. We encourage you to continue this effort.

Sites like Erase Bullying have great resources to encourage anti-bullying behaviours.

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