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VMA 11/12 Video Production Students Roll Out Introductory Videos!!

Check out this cool short vid produced by Joshua, a student in the new NCDES Digital Video Production course.  Stay tuned next month for more fantastic videos from the VMA 11/12 class!!

If you are interested in video production, why not make VMA 11 or 12 a part of your grad plan?  You can make cool movies and receive high school credit at the same time!!



Trick or treat Mark J P via Compfight

It’s that time of the year again, when we dress up and celebrate all that goes bump in the night.

There are plenty of cool things to try out for Halloween, from carving pumpkins to dressing up as a ghoul. The beauty of Halloween is that there is lots of fun for all ages. If you feel too old to go trick-or-treating, you could always just escort some younger kids around. I’m sure they’ll be happy to share some of the treats too. Or you could dress up and watch some movies with friends. The scarier the better.

If you are in Terrace, you could head out to Heritage Park Museum and take part in their Halloween Howl.

Some other fun things to do include making Halloween treats. There are lots of cool recipes on Spoonful, and many other websites.

If you are going to carve out a pumpkin, you might want to use one of the many free templates available online. If you do carve a pumpkin, why not share it with us on our Facebook page.

Of course, many people don’t celebrate Halloween and if you are one of them, why don’t you tell us about a holiday that you do celebrate. We would love to hear from you and again, our Facebook page is probably the best way.

If you are going to be out and about for Halloween, here are some safety tips from Health Canada. They won’t take long to read and they’re definitely worth keeping in mind if you don’t want your night of fun to turn into a nightmare.

Finally, we saw this music video of a house decorated for Halloween and we hope you’ll find it as funny as we did:

Participate in a Science Fair!

GOES-13 Gets a "Full-Disk" Look at Weather in the Americas




Creative Commons License NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Compfight


NCDES encourages science exploration and investigation through participation in science fairs. Last year, one option for NCDES students was to participate in the Virtual School Science Fair. However, many other wonderful options exist, both online and within your home community. In the Northwest, the Pacific Northwest Science Fair has much to offer, and one former student, as a result of his entry, was lucky enough to travel to P.E.I. for the Canada-Wide Science Fair! Click here to read about the experience and success of Kiri Daust.

If you are interested in participating in a science fair, NCDES students should watch for notices, once registrations for science fairs become available. In the meantime, you may wish to check out the following:

  • Science Fair Alumni Mentorship Program Registration for students in grades 7-12 (click here)
  • Alumni Mentorship Program Guide to Completing your Science Fair Project (click here)
  • Six Science Project Resources for Parents and Students (click here)

Feel free to contact Fenella Olynick ( with any questions. NCDES looks forward to being able to help you further your interest in science.

“When You’re a Scientist” by Kevin Temmer via YouTube

Poetry Extravaganza

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong FreeDigitalPhotos.netImage courtesy of Sira Anamwong

There is still time to send in your poem for our Poetry Competition. This contest is open to all ages. The deadline for submitting your creation is November 15, 2013. Get creative! We are looking for any type of poem on any topic. The winning submissions will be posted in a newsletter and on our Facebook page. Prizes will be awarded. Please send your entries to , or mail them or drop them off at the school.

What’s New in Elementary



Helloween!!! :))) Denis Collette via Compfight

Wow! October has been a very busy month! I have been busy visiting my students in their homes, throughout the northwest, and have enjoyed having students visit me here at the school. I am happy to see that lots of completed work is coming in. The last date for receiving work for the Term 1 report card is November 8th. Work coming in after that will be reported on the Term 2 report card.

I am in the process of changing our elementary program, to give families a choice between a structured learning plan or a more open,  portfolio based program. Some students are already using the less structured approach. If you would like to talk about some different options for this year, call me.

I have an online program for my students to use to learn to type, (Please contact me for log in information) and here are 2 fun online typing games for primary students.

Key Seeker:

Cup Stacking:


Smarter Browsing

Your web browser might well be the single most important application you use and if anything, it is getting even more important with time. Do you give it the attention it deserves?

Adblock PlusMost browsers are very customizable and some of the changes you can make are very useful. In the past, we have mentioned Adblock Plus. It speeds up your browsing experience and generally improves the look of web sites. It really is very simple to install and probably won’t even require you to restart your browser.

AutoPagerDo you find yourself often clicking to read the next page on a forum or your search engine? Well, we might have the right add-on for you. It’s called AutoPager and it will automatically load the next page for you when you reach near the end of the first one. This can really speed up browsing for some sites as by the time you’ve reached the end of the page, the next one is waiting for you. Of course, like every add-on which modifies the content you are seeing, you may want to disable it from time to time.

New_Tab_-_Firefox_14If you use Firefox, you might have noticed that a while back they added  a nice feature where it displays previews of your most frequently accessed pages when you create a new blank tab (which should look something like the page on the left). What you may not know is that you can pin the little page previews on it so that they never disappear from it. When you hover your cursor over the preview, you’ll see a pin with either a grey or blue surround. If it’s grey, click on the pin to keep it, or if blue, click to unpin it. You can also remove them too (click on the X). And you can even drag them around to make sure that they are in the order you want. You can even change the number of previews it displays. While there are a number of ways to do this, there is an add-on, which makes things easier and adds even more useful features to the new tab. It’s called New Tab Tools. Again, you won’t even need to restart your browser.

Google ChromeThe other browser that we recommend here at NCDES is Google Chrome. It’s a bit faster than Firefox and for many people it does just as good a job. We try to support both on our site and rarely have a problem with either, just try them and see which you like most.

Finally, while add-ons are great, nobody likes a cluttered system where you have lots of toolbars which were installed without you really wanting them. A common one is when you are installing Java, Oracle try to get you to install a Yahoo toolbar. Here is an article on what you can do to tidy things up in Firefox.

Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with us or others? We’d love to hear your suggestions on this topic and on any future topics you’d like to have us cover.


Provincial Exams

Please note that the November sitting of Provincial Exams will take place November 4-5, 2013. Please see the exam schedule for specific dates and times:
If you are enrolled in a course that requires a Provincial Exam and you are prepared for the exam, please contact NCDES. If you are not ready to write the exam, the next sitting will be in January. Feel free to contact our office should you have any further questions.

First Term Reports for Secondary and Adult Students

Photo Credit: PNASH via Compfight cc
check mark

Report cards will be sent out on November 21, 2013. Please note the following:

The marks cut off for Term 1 Reports is November 8. Work received by this date will be marked and reported on; however, work received after this date will be marked but may not be represented on the Term 1 November report card.

Please feel free to contact NCDES with any questions or concerns. We encourage students to keep up the effort!

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