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Message from the Principal

Welcome Back! The new school year is well underway and many exciting opportunities are shaping up. This October staff will be travelling to meet with students and partner schools throughout the northwest region.  We always look forward to these visits and encourage you to join us whether that’s at your local school, at one of our evening open house events or at your home. Check with your teacher or counsellor to find out when we’ll be in your neighbourhood.

NCDES is also very pleased to announce a new partnership with Northwest Training Ltd. in Terrace. We are offering a shared space with computers and internet access at the Northwest Training office downtown Terrace. This space is for Northwest Training clients and North Coast Distance Education students. You can access your online courses, discuss your graduation program with our counsellor or touch base with Northwest Training staff about programs and resources available. This program is offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, closed from 12:00PM to 1:00PM for lunch. Contact Geoff McKay at NCDES for more details.

This year, we’re proud to offer our students a comprehensive online French program (Grades 8-12) utilizing Rosetta Stone software. This interactive program provides students with incredible opportunities to develop their oral French skills as well as written French language skills. We are very excited to provide this opportunity to our students.

As always, we here at NCDES look forward to a great year working with you, helping you to achieve your goals. Be sure to contact your teachers and our clerical team if you have any questions about your program or registration. We’re here to help!

Have a great year!

Ms. Sousa


Poetry Extravaganza


Time for another NCDES contest! This fall, NCDES is having a Poetry Contest. This contest is open to all ages. The deadline for submitting your creation is November 15, 2013. Get creative! We are looking for any type of poem on any topic. The winning submissions will be posted in a newsletter and on our Facebook page. Prizes will be awarded. Please send your entries to , or mail them or drop them off at the school (and, anyone’s poem will be better than ours…..).

Science Rocks!

Online Course Image
Photo Credit: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc

Science teachers at North Coast Distance Education School would like to welcome everybody to the 2013/2014 school year.  While many students have continued to work through the summer and are making great progress in their courses, others are new to the world of online learning. We encourage new students to ask questions and seek support when needed. You will quickly become accustomed to the online environment, and you will find many new educational experiences are available as a result.

NCDES science students seek to explore and discover the world around them. Students are encouraged to question and investigate, take risks, learn from mistakes and meet a challenge. Teachers work with students to personalize their learning, and programs are often adjusted to allow for project-based learning or directed studies. Through online simulations and the like, students learn from some of the world’s finest labs. Explore the sciences and have a great year!

How To Be A Scientist – Science Rap | Coma Niddy University 

Elementary News

Image 2 courtesy of David Castillo Dominici (Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

Our elementary Kindergarten to Grade 7 program is off to a great start! Parents, if you haven’t already done so, please contact me for your student’s new school email address. I am excited to see completed student work coming in! I would hope to see some completed student work about every two weeks. We are intending to do home visits, once again, in early October and I will be contacting you on when would be good to come visit. If you have any questions at all about the materials, how to do something or if you can make some adaptations, please call me. Please look at the district’s school calendar, which was included with your child’s learning materials, to see when our district holidays and teacher professional days are for this year.  These are days when I will not be in the office.

Welcome to our new school year!

Mrs. Smith


Tips for Success

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic2 FreeDigitalPhotos.netImage courtesy of imagerymajestic

If you have signed up for some courses through Distance Education, you might be embarking on a new learning experience. Here are a few tips that might help you to be successful working with Distance Education.

Get started right away.  Don’t procrastinate. Jump right in and get started on your course. Get that substantive activity (activation assignment) completed and then get going right away on your first lesson. If you wait, you might be surprised at how quickly the time slips away on you.

Get organized. Our courses are designed for “any time, any place”, but to succeed you really should set yourself a schedule and plan to work regularly on your course. Set yourself some goals for completion, even just some small completion goals, with specific dates that you plan to finish them by.

Resist Distractions. Choose a place to work that has few distractions. Try to find a place where you won’t be interrupted or won’t be tempted to do something other than your course. Stick to your timetable. If this is your time for working on your course, don’t plan to go out and do other things.

Get help. If something in your course isn’t working, or doesn’t make sense, contact your teacher. Call him or her or send an email. Don’t put it off or walk away from your course. Get the help now so that you can continue to meet your course goals.

Clerical Tips

contact image Our clerical team reminds adult students that NCDES must have ID on file. Picture ID is preferred, such as a BC driver’s licence, BC ID card, Status card, or Passport.  ID can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or copied at NCDES.  Please ensure you have provided ID to complete your registration.

Also, the clerical team wishes to remind students that if you have not already submitted your Substantive Activity (Activation Assignment) required for registration, you should be sending this in as soon as possible. Some courses may require a few assignments to be submitted in order to complete the Substantive Activity. Textbooks, if required, will be mailed out once this activity is submitted.

Further information on the registration process, etc., can be found on the NCDES website (click here). If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the NCDES clerical staff at . Thank you!

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