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English 12 (15/16)

Prerequisite: English 11 or equivalent 
Credits: 4


Matthew Lowndes 
250-635-7944 (ext. 8479)
1-800-663-3865 (ext. 8479) 


Recommended Time: 120 hours

English 12 is about using the English language to its best effect in both fiction and non-fiction writing. This course will help you explore how various authors have created stories that carry readers to another place and time, and how others make arguments clear and compelling. Reading and writing exercises will also challenge you to become more critical in how you make the English language your own.

According to the Ministry of Education, "language is fundamental to thinking, learning, and communicating in all cultures"; therefore, the objectives for English 12 are to encourage students to do the following:
  • communicate effectively in written, spoken, and visual forms
  • develop positive attitudes toward language learning
  • make connections to other areas of study and to life outside the classroom
  • think critically, creatively, and reflectively
  • appreciate their own culture and the culture of others
  • use technology.
English 12, particularly, helps prepare students for the English 12 Provincial Exam.

Course Layout:

There are ten units as listed below:


Course Learning Activities


Course Completion


Unit 1
PLO's B1, B8, C8, C12

Reading and Writing

  • The Informal Essay: Purpose, Techniques, Style
  • Perspective Questions
  • Perspective Essay
  • Quiz: Poet of the People

Unit 1--5%

Unit 2

Become an Internet Detective

  • Becoming an Internet Detective Assignment
  • Effective Research Quiz
  • Reading Comprehension Test #1


Unit 2--5%

Unit 3

The "Write" Stuff

  • Expository Paragraph
  • Narrative Paragraph
  • Descriptive Paragraph
  • Memoir
  • Essay #1

Unit 3--15%

Unit 4

Novel Study

  • Option #1 Independent
  • Option #2 The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Option #3 The Kiterunner
Unit 4--10%
Unit 5

Writing to Entertain and Inform

  • Forum: Three Awesome Things
  • Assignment: Generating Ideas
  • BLOG Your Voice
  • Writing Test #1
Unit 5--10%
Unit 6

Writing to Persuade

  • Quiz: Documentary Film
  • Assignment: Writing to Persuade
  • Essay #2
Unit 6--10%
Unit 7

Short Stories
  • Assignment: Point of View
  • Assignment: "An Ounce of Cure"
  • Assignment: "The Painted Door"
  • Quiz: Short Story Elements
  • Writing Test #2
  • Essay #3

Unit 7--10%

Unit 8
Poetry (OR Poetry Alternative Unit)
  • Quiz: Poetic Devices
  • Assignment: Poetry Analysis
  • Assignment: The Misty Poets
  • Assignment: Imagery Poem
  • Assignment: Found or Headline Poem
  • Writing Test #3

Unit 8--10%

Unit 9

Provincial Final Exam Preparation

  • Test Practice A and B
  • Grammar Review
  • Final Grammar Exam

Unit 9--5%

Unit 10

  • Final exam for English 12


Unit 10--20%

Assessment Plan

Feedback compares student work to Ministry learning goals for the course.
Provincial Exam specifications are addressed in the course content. The Provincial Exam is worth 40% of the final grade.

Weight (%)
Unit Assignments 60 %

Tests & Exams

40 %



  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • The Count of Monte Cristo

There is no cash deposit for this course.


  • Assignments form 60% of the course mark.
  • Exams and quizzes form 40% of the course mark.
  • The Provincial Exam is worth 40% of the overall final grade for this course. (NOTE: Some adult students may not be required to take the Provincial Exam. Check with your Program Advisor for further information.)
  • Reports only cover completed work.
  • Assignments are, whenever possible, to be turned in one at a time to allow for feedback. 
  • Students are expected to respond to feedback as instructional content.
  • Feedback and Assessment reflects the curriculum and directs the learner to it.
  • Achievement is assessed as a measure of achievement relative to Ministry prescribed learning outcomes.


Curriculum may be viewed within the Ministry of Education Integrated Resource Package.

Delivery and Support:

This course can only be done online. Teacher and leaner work together in Moodle. The course is self-paced. Leaners may start any time.

Credits: 4


Students may use the Message button at the beginning of the course, Moodle messages, email or the phone number provided in the course. Learners are encouraged to initiate communication. 

Technical Requirements:

Browser: Firefox or Chrome recommended
Internet: Cable or ADSL 

Additional Software: Adobe Reader, full Flash and Java support, an office suite, ability to play audio and video files
For additional information on computer requirements, please refer to the Computer Requirements and Standards section under Resources & Information on our home page, and to the contents of the Introductory Orientation Course.

For definitions of some terms please refer to our glossary.