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Welcome to Foods 12!

Please complete the first three units before any other units. You need to work through the first three modules in the following order:

1) Complete Foundation for the Course

2) Kitchen Sanitation

3) Begin with Baking

Once you have completed the first three modules and completed your first lab, you are welcome to complete the units in any order you would like.  Be sure, however, to read the unit material before you do an assignment, lab, and/or quiz.  As you work through the course, please contact your teachers with any questions.

Happy Cooking!



  • To utilize FOODSAFE knowledge in food preparation
  • To develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to use a variety of techniques to prepare nutritious, tasty, and attractive foods in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • To access information and support relevant to foods and nutrition topics and apply the principles of nutrition to their own food preparation
  • To understand global issues related to food production and consumption and how they impact food choices



10% Introduction

40% Lab Work

40% Assignments and Forums

10% Tests

  1. Lab Work

Marks for labs are based on planning, organization, food preparation techniques, product, self-evaluation, and clean up. To adhere to FOODSAFE practices, aprons are mandatory and therefore students need to be wearing these when they cook.

  1. Assignments

Students are given a lesson at the beginning of each module and assignments generally follow the lesson. Please submit your assignments to the corresponding assignment dropbox.

  1. Quizzes

There are a variety of quizzes throughout the course: multiple choice, matching, short answer, and essay.

You can check your ongoing grades by clicking on the Grades link on the left of the course homepage under Navigation.