French Immersion Language 11/12

This course engages students in a diversity of learning situations that help them develop their mastery of the French language and use it for personal, intellectual, social, and cultural development. Students will examine informative writing, novels, poetry, and study of the French language (grammar).

General objectives:

  • Deepen knowledge and strategies in oral communication, reading, and writing.
  • Attain a threshold of success and the necessary autonomy to carry out various tasks in everyday life in French.
  • Become prepared for post-secondary studies and the workplace in a bilingual environment.
  • Develop and consolidate a positive attitude toward learning and communicating in the French language.
  • At the end of the course and the French Immersion Program, you should be able to function correctly in French in different situations and with different accents from the various countries composing La Francophonie.


This course is divided into 4 parts that you can complete individually according to your level and your desire. Each part includes exercises and tests, you will have to complete the exercises to access the tests, especially for grammar. The oral will be done through Skype so it is essential that you contact me so that we can communicate together. Last but not least: there will be spells and difficulties because it is a work in constant improvement, but you will however be part of a new way to teach French in BC and we will work to improve the site together. Allons-y!


Book needed: Le lion de Joseph Kessel Editions Gallimard Folio Junior1987 ou toute autre édition.