Physical & Health Education 10


The PE and Health 10 course is divided into 4 units.

  • Physical Literacy
  • Healthy Living
  • Social and Community Health
  • Mental Well Being

For each unit there is also a corresponding 20 hours of activity that needs to be tracked and logged, for a total of 80 hours of physical activity for the course.

The PE and Health 10 course will be completed only when the 80 hours of activity are complete as well as the assignments and quizzes from each of the units.

You need to participate in at least 3 different activities with no more than 30 hours of any one activity recorded.

Most of the lessons are followed by an assignment.  The instructions for the assignment and its submission are contained in the assignment.

At the end of the course, you will complete a final project that consists of a presentation involving your ideas around the ideas below:






Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and personal preferences helps us plan and achieve our goals Trying a variety of physical activities can increase our chances of being active throughout our lives. Healthy choices influence, and are influenced by, our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Personal fitness can be maintained and improved through regular participation in physical activities. Understanding the factors that influence our health empowers us to take action to improve it.

To be prepared for this project, collect records and images of your activities that support the above ideas.  You will get an outline for the project after you have completed the requirements of the course.


Physical Activity Logs Tracking and Reflection – 60%

Assignments/Quizzes/Tests – 40%