Textbook Deposits

Even though our courses are online, many of them still require texts. We are making every effort to get away from using printed texts, but in the meanwhile, here’s some information on why we have text deposits and how you can pay them:

1.    What is the deposit for? A maximum of $100 covers all course support materials, including texts and other resources. One deposit covers all courses. The deposit is refunded when the support materials are returned. The refund process may take several weeks. Grades K-7 ($50 deposit) and 8/9 ($100 deposit) pay it once for the year.

2.    Who pays the deposit?
a.    Parents may make deposits on behalf of students. Please contact the NCDES office directly about your deposit. Our clerical staff are happy to work with you to make the deposit process go smoothly. Please do not contact your teacher(s) regarding deposits.
b.    Some schools pay the deposit on behalf of students. Check with your home school counsellor or administrator if you think they might pay the deposit.  Whether or not the deposit is paid on the student’s behalf is a matter of policy at your home school. Most larger schools do not cover deposits; adult facilities often do.
c.    In some circumstances (for example, the deposit is causing financial hardship) deposits may be waived. To discuss this possibility, contact your NCDES counsellor (the office will refer you).

3.    Why is there a deposit? NCDES requires a deposit on materials before a student is enrolled in a course to ensure the return of texts and materials.  In many cases, the deposit is only a small portion of the actual cost of the materials.

4.    How do I pay?
a.    Required support materials are listed in each course introduction and within each course outline on our website.  Deposits apply when there is a text. If you wish to request an optional text, please contact the office and provide the deposit.
b.    Methods of payment:
 Phone us and give your credit card number over the phone
i.    Local (Terrace Office): (250) 635-7944
ii.   Toll Free: 1-800-663-3865
 Pay in person at the address below. We take Visa and Mastercard, as well as debit, cash, cheques and money orders.
Mail a cheque or money order for $100.00 to North Coast Distance Education School at:
North Coast Distance Education School
Building H, Bag 5000, 3211 Kenney Street
Terrace, BC   V8G 5K2
5.    When do I pay and when do I get it back?
a.    Deposits must be paid after a student begins the enrolment process and before a student is fully enrolled in a course. Support materials will not be sent without a deposit (unless arrangements have been made through your NCDES counsellor).
b.    A deposit is required for the first text, and it is refunded once the last text is returned.
c.    Textbooks must be returned in good condition within 1 year after the withdrawal or completion of the course. Deposit funds cannot be refunded beyond one year from your completion or withdrawal date of your last course.  

6.    How do I get my refund? District 82 issues cheques every two weeks for refunds. Return the textbook with any updated contact/mailing information.  NCDES must be able to determine the name of the student and course associated with the returned text. If you are returning texts on behalf of someone else, please include the name of the student and the course they were taking. Without this information we cannot refund deposits.
NOTE: Course text deposits may be claimed within 2 years of registration/payment.