Grading an Assignment

  1. There are a number of ways of finding an assignment for grading, including the Student Moodle Submissions in SMS, the “Grade Me” block in some courses (see below on how to add this), and checking assignments and quizzes for gradable material. Each of these has its own merits and drawbacks.
  2. After you have found an assignment with submissions you wish to grade, you should go to that assignment.
  3. From the assignment page you will see “View all submissions”. Click on this.
  4. Select a submission or student to grade and click on the Grade button in the Grade column. To find all submitted but ungraded submissions in an assignment, sort by the Status column.
  5. Upon opening the grading page for a submission you may find an annotatable PDF on the left of the page, or be required to download the submission first to be opened by software on your PC. It is recommended that for most tasks you will download the submission and where suitable, convert to a PDF for grading using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  6. Depending on the assignment, and whether it has a marking guide, grading rubric or just simple direct grading, you will either select which of the criteria the submission meets or enter a grade value.
  7. If the assignment has a feedback file drop box, an annotated PDF copy of the graded work should be uploaded here. This will be below the feedback comments. This feedback file drop box should generally be enabled for assignments.
  8. After entering a grade and providing suitable feedback, select Save changes from the bottom of the screen. You should only deselect the Notify students option if the change being saved is essentially inconsequential or a report card comment entry.

Enabling feedback files for an assignment:

  1. Open the assignment page.
  2. Select from the Administration block (usually lower right of page): Assignment administration -> Edit settings
  3. Scroll down to and select Feedback types.
  4. Select Feedback files. You should also usually have Feedback comments enabled too.
  5. Scroll to bottom of page and select one of the two save options.

Adding the Grade Me block to a course:

  1. Go to the course.
  2. On the top right of the page click on Turn editing on, if it is not already enabled.
  3. Scroll down and on the left of the page you should see a block called “Add a block”. Click on the Add drop down beneath it and select Grade Me.
  4. By clicking and holding on the arrow icon of the newly added Grade Me block, you can move it to a different position within the left and right blocks.
  5. After you have placed the Grade Me block where you want, you should turn off editing by scrolling to the top of the page and click on Turn editing off.